The Heroes of Nentir Vale

Adventure Journal, Thunderspire Part 1

The celebration at Winterhaven was an uneasy one. The city had been saved but at the cost of many lives, at the cost of Viggo’s mortality. A dead silence cut through the night as the Lord Padraig pondered what to do. His son’s return as a revenant sent murmurs through the crowds, instigated rumors through the house wives. They would need time to accept him for what he was.

While they waited for that time to come, Lord Padraig had a pressing matter at hand. During Kalarel’s reign of terror over Winterhaven, dozens of citizens of Winterhaven and the surrounding foothills had gone missing. A letter found on Kalarel’s person led him to believe that a group of slaver gnolls hidden deep in the Thunderspire had to be involved. He dispatched the group of adventurers (minus the halfling who had disappeared abruptly that afternoon) to investigate the problem. The sage of Winterhaven also asks them to deliver an item to a merchant in the Seven-Pillared Hall.

Along the way, the adventurers discovered a longtime friend of Aukag, the human barbarian Enforceronimus, along with a gnome wizard named Nim and an elf named Rendil abducted by a band of slavers. After defeating the slaver group, the adventurers convince their new friends to join them on their quest. Rendil is the proprietor of the Halfmoon Inn at the Seven-pillared Hall in the Thunderspire. He agrees to comp the band of adventurers for the duration of their stay.

The heroes quickly accept mercenary work at the Thunderspire from several business owners. They also make the trade the sage asked them too but opt to keep the item. The helpful, but shady Mages of Saruun assist the adventurers in finding the gnolls. In return they asked that the adventurers looked for a missing member of their order, Paldemar.

The adventurers raid the gnoll’s hold, finding many of the missing citizens of Winterhaven. They were to be sold into slavery. All but a few were accounted for. The others had already been sold off to slavery. It wasn’t long before the adventurers tied the duergar in the Thunderspire to this slaving enterprise and raided the Horned Hold, a place that served as the duergar’s hideout for their illegal slaving operation. All but two of the remaining slaves had been found. The next clues they uncovered would lead them to an ancient shrine to the demon-god Baphomet…



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