The Heroes of Nentir Vale

Adventure Journal, Thunderspire Part 2

The Heroes of Winterhaven once again descended into the depths of the labyrinth under the Thunderspire. This time they sought the Well of Demons, a temple dedicated to the demon-god Baphomet. They found themselves looking for four items: A mask, a bell, a dagger and a tome.

The Face of Baphomet, the mask they sought, was found in a hall of cursed mirrors. Then, the tome was found on an altar smothered in dry blood, protected by demons. The heroes then discovered a boar they had been asked to recover. Nim and Aukag escorted the boar back to the Seven-Pillared Hall, where they met the elf ranger Canicus. Canicus was another mercenary who had heard of the deeds of the Heroes of Winterhaven. He was eager to travel with them.

The remaining two items proved to be the hardest. The dagger’s blade and hilt had been separated and placed on either side of a mechanized minotaur statue. No one was fast enough to get to the dagger sections and back unharmed. It was then Canicus proved himself to the group by risking his own hide to gather each part of the dagger and combining them. The bell seemed easy pickings, but led the group into a trap. Nithhogr saw the trap and begged his companions to be patient but Viggo, seemingly seduced by the Bell’s shimmer, pushed on and sprang the trap.

After recovering all four items, the heroes confronted the three restless specters that haunted the place and tested any adventurers who dared to take on the guardian of the Proving Grounds, the main chamber in the Well of Demons. Each of the heroes used a combination of a demonstration of physical prowess and of mental fortitude. A blood sacrifice was also required, to which each hero contributed. Having appeased the three ghosts, the heroes were granted passage into the proving grounds.

The proving grounds lived up to its name, as once the ritual was started a young green dragon attacked the adventurers, picking at them while they were seperated. While dodging the dragon’s attacks and several nefarious traps, the heroes somehow regrouped and took a stand against the dragon. Canicus used his low light vision to pinpoint the dragon’s location as it flew around in the dark cavern above and sniped its wing with a magical fire arrow, bringing it to the ground, where the heroes quickly subdued it. Enforceronimus took his trophy, turning the dragon’s fangs into horns on his helmet. The doors of the inner sanctum swung open, and the heroes confronted the leader of the gnoll slavers, Mauldrick Scarmaker, as he was performing a ritual to rededicate the Well of Demons to his own demonic god, the demon prince Yeenoghu.

For some reason, the heroes dubbed him Gnollan Ryan, and this confused Mauldrick. All the same, they would have to die. He ordered his followers to attack the heroes as he dodged Canicus’s arrows and continued the ritual. One by one his followers were fell beside him as he attempted to complete the ritual. Soon, one of Canicus’s arrows found his throat and the ritual was cut short.

The last remaining slaves were found at the site of the ritual and were presumed to be offered up as sacrifice to Yeenoghu. One, for some reason, carried a small pig. Canicus demanded the pig for payment of saving his life. He obliged. Why Canicus wanted the pig is unknown to the rest of this group. Viggo thinks him peculiar. On Mauldrick’s body was found two things. A series of letters to Mauldrick from Paldemar proposing an alliance. Read about them here. The second item was a silver key. Upon touching it, Viggo received a vision. Read about it here.

And so, the heroes regrouped at the Half Moon Inn in the Seven-Pillared Hall to prepare and plan for their final assault…



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