The Heroes of Nentir Vale

Vale Times Courier, Issue 1

Copies of this new publication can be found in almost every major city in the Nentir Vale, littering the floors of pubs and being used by the poor as tinder. You pick a worn copy off of the floor of the Halfmoon Inn. Some of the stories are completely illegible from beer and food stains but the few remaining strike you as interesting.

Springdale Fugitive Wanted By Lord Warden Firebrand

By Inkler Bernstein

Lord Warden Coranthis Firebrand of Springdale has issued a bounty for a house servant employed by his family for nearly 40 years. The Lord Warden of the reclusive Firebrand clan tells the Courier that the servant, named Geoffry Butler, is wanted for the theft of an important family heirloom. Butler was last seen in the House Firebrand servant quarters during his daylight shift. It is assumed he snuck out of the city under the veil of night after stealing the artifact. This is the first news to come out of Springdale in several years, as the fortress has gone silent and the Forlorn Hope has broken all contracts with travelling merchants and surrounding towns for protection.

Winterhaven Attacked!

Exclusive Details of the Attack by Gnosey Woodward

Reports indicate a group of kobolds, minotaurs and other monsters assaulted Winterhaven, ransacked the town and murdered the city guard. Details are limited at the time of this printing but more are along the way.

Where are the Heroes of Winterhaven Now?

an Opinion Piece by William O’Really

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed therein are not reflections of the views of the Vale Times Courier and are the sole opinions of the author

Kobolds move in on our territory and orcs raid the foothill villages surrounding Fallcrest. Springdale has withdrawn almost entirely and Winterhaven lay in ruin. Sightings of dragons have run amock among citizens. We have heard the self-aggrandizing tales of the Heroes of Winterhaven who “saved us from utter enslavement” says Lord Ernest Padraig, father to the unholy abomination Viggo Padraig. Where are these so-called heroes now? They saved us from a threat they say we didn’t even see and now, now we are being torn to shreds by the threats we actually see! I can look out my window and see chaos all around. Where are these heroes? I’ll tell you. They’re fighting in the illegal dead pits of Thunderspire. They’re killing for sport and drinking from a seemingly endless cup at Rendil Halfmoon’s Halfmoon Inn. They’re nothing but pawns for the Mages of Saruun, doing their bidding. We all know what thugs those “mages” are, bullying their patrons for protection money, taking a cut of black market trade they allow in their own corridors! What say you, citizens of the Nentir Vale? Shall we take up arms ourselves and show these “heroes” what selflessness really means? Shall we step up and say “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!”?

“Dusk” Beats The Daylights Out of Froadway

a culture expose by Art Sygaefahg

A new hit play has arrived in Fallcrest! Dusk, the tale of a forbidden love between a young human girl and a vampire has taken the cities youth by storm. Some young girls have reported seeing the show eight or nine times since its opening two weeks ago! In an exclusive interview with director beer stains interupt the article, smearing the ink and making it illegible

It is even reported that teenage girls often show up in embroidered garments displaying their allegiance to one of the two love interests for the main character. They even skirmish and engage in fisticuffs over who is more attractive.

Surely, Dusk is the new Froadway event in the Nentir Vale to see!



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