The Heroes of Nentir Vale

Viggo's Vision

Immediately after we killed the wicked Gnoll, Mauldrick Scarmaker (Gnollan Ryan) I was almost called to his body to search for anything I could find. I rifled through is pack and found a gleaming silver key. As I touched the silver key my eyes were taken to the Seven Pillared Hall. They meandered about until coming upon a tunnel that was hidden away in the farthest corner of the hall. I could see Paldemar sacrificing followers of Baphomet over a ritual circle much like the one we found at the end of the proving grounds. Looming over Paldemar was a desiccated corpse missing his left hand and eye. Immediately the Raven Queen jolted my dead soul causing my phylactery to glow a hot purple and black. She hates this corpse for having to share the realm of death with him and promptly hissed the name, “VECNA!” It was then that I began to realize my purpose in being brought back to the Mortal World.

When I woke from my trance I was staring at Canicus buttoning on a multi colored cloak of elven makings. The underside of this cloak was quite peculiar almost like a rainbow in the sky might be colored. As I began to focus more I could see that he was also holding a pig! Elves will never cease to befuddle me.



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