Emil Cyrandhi

"When spilling blood is a necessity, so too is spilling coin."


This eccentric merchant always seems to find the action and make a quick coin from it. He travels with his half-orc bodyguard, Grirtir. He is known for carrying many rare antiquities, and will pay well for relics and ancient magical items he can use or sell.

Emil Cyrandhi is a gnome wizard, able to sense even the faintest magic imbued into an item. Despite his age, he is still a powerful wizard but has left his days of adventuring behind him. He will buy or trade any magical items the adventurers come across, especially old tomes regarding ancient rites and practices.

His appearance is unusual. His face is short and pudgy even for a gnome’s. Wrinkled folds of skin betray his age, and their ugliness is multiplied by the interwoven scars that accentuate the wrinkly folds. His left eye is completely cataracted and has left him blind. The other was damaged in a battle long ago. He has since filled the socket with an obsidian eye ball. Magical runes etched into it allow him to “see” by letting him sense the magic around him. Since magic flows through life and is the essence of life, he can detect people and other living creatures this way. The runes glow a pale blue.

His cart is old and in disrepair, but that’s part of the charm, right?


Emil Cyrandhi

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