A humanborn barbarian, adorned in trophies taken from slain victims. Orphaned at birth and raised in a goliath tribe.



Enforceronimous’s tale begins in Nornlyn. He was born as Uther Blackday, son of the clan’s leader Amon Blackday. The treacherous Wrath Stormclaw – who resented his clan’s place as number two in the tribunal – betrayed his friend Amon in a coup de gras attempt. Seeing no hope, Amon was able to get his son and wife out of the village by way of a trusted ally whose name is unknown.

Uther witnessed the deaths of both his mother and father but as a newborn, the memory is buried deep within his subconcious, as was the memory of his name and lineage. His dreams are haunted with the once-suppresed memories of both of his parents’ deaths.

He carries the Fleshgrinder, his fathers’ own axe, which he plans to use to cleave his way through the Stormclaw clan one by one once his allies in Nornlyn have gathered their strength.


Uther was raised by a goliath tribe in northern Nentir Vale. Not knowing his name – or his lineage – they renamed him Enforceronimous and raised him as their own. They only loosely knew of his connection to the Blackday tribe. He was trained in the way of the warrior by Ysamir’s father and has taken a special affinity to the two-handed axe.


The tribe sent him out to apprehend an ex-tribe member, a fugitive known as Aukag. He was captured by slavers and later saved by Aukag. Seeing the good in Aukag, he decided to stay with the adventuring group known by many names. The Heroes of Winterhaven, the Champions of Thunderspire, however you decide to call them, Enforceronimous has found his calling by their side.

Companions: Enforceronimous was sent out by the Goliath tribe to bring back the fugitive and childhood friend Aukag. On his way he was ambushed by fiends and tied up and tortured along with the gnome named Nim. Strangely the fates had it seen that Aukag and his companions would wander up upon the captured barbarian and gnome and set him free. Feeling in debt to Aukag, Enforceronimous decided instead of bringing Aukag back to face trial he would instead join the heros until his debt was payed off. Aukag was always and still is Enforceronimous’ most trusted ally. Since Aukag has left Enfoceronimous is seemingly alone, not trusting any of his companions aside from Nim who has stood by him since caputre, but having great respect for Thornblade and Canicus. He has only spent a brief time with Thornblade but appreciates the halflings ruthlessness and he sees that he could find himself very loyal. Enforceronimous appreciates the soft spoken elf and has seen Canicus act very wisely in numerous occasions. Enforceronimous is most likely to listen to advice from Canicus and may even begin to follow. The self appointed leader of the group, Nithhogr, is hated by Enforceronimous. Enfoceronimous thinks the dragonborn is out only for himself and his own means and questions his tactics. Enforceronimous is greatly worried that Nithhogr will get the heros into a dire situation with his mouth and lack of percieved brains.


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