Lord Ernest Paidrag

Lord of Winterhaven


Padraig is a battle scarred human warlord and leader of Winterhaven. He can usually be found in the Manor House and sometimes at Wrafton’s Inn.

Lord Ernest Padraig is descended from a noble family that ruled the area under edict of the Old Empire. Well into middle age, he is a good ruler, and the people of Winterhaven don’t mind following his rules. He does not have complete power, however. He commands ten trained guards, who perform basic police functions and guard the city gates. People obey his judicial decisions and pay their taxes, but they don’t abide large changes to the current laws.

Lord Padraig has rewarded the adventures monetarily for their good deeds to his town, and is a primary source of information for the adventurers. Most recently, he passed on a letter he received from passing adventurers that linked Kalarel to the Bloodreavers and asked that they look into it, knowing the party was looking for something useful to do.

Lord Ernest Paidrag

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