A Dragonborn Warlord/Paladin


With a tight grip on his flail and shield Nithhogr has a tighter grip on the art of war. His eyes always searching for a weakness, his faith in Kord guides him to the weak point and inspires his clan to victory.


Weapon of the Conqueror Level 15 l-This dranonborn-crafted weapon’s hilt or handle is carved to resemble a draBon’s head. Its maBic enhances and expands the power ofyour draBon breath.
Lvi 15 +3 25,000 gp Lvi 25 +5 625,000 gp Lvi 20 +4 125,000 gp Lvi 30 +6 3,125,000 gp Weapon: Axe, heavy blade Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls Critical: + 1 d6 damage per p·’us, or + 1 d12 damage per plus if
you are bloodied. Property: You can app·’Y the enhancement bonus of this item to the damage rolls of your dra80n breath power.
Power (Dally): Free Action. Use this power as you use your
dra80n breath power. Your dragon breath becomes a close
burst 3 for this attack.
Level 25 or 30; Close burst 5.

Standard of the Silver Dragon Level 13 The silhouette ofa silver dranon’s head stands out aBainst the blue backBround ofthis standard.
Wondrous Item 17,000 gp
Power (Encounter + Zone): Standard Action. When you plant this battle standard in your space or an adjacent square, it creates a zone in a close burst 5. A bloodied enemy that starts its turn within the zone takes 5 cold damage and is slowed until the start of its next turn.

Circlet of Arkhosia Level 14· TItis twininB silver band has two silver draBon heads with ruby eyes facinB each other over yourforehead, protectillB your mind from beinB overwhelmed irt battle.
Lvi 14 21,000 gp Lvi 24 525,000 gp
Item Slot: Head
Property: When you are dazed or stunned, you can make a
saving throw against one of those conditions at the start of
your turn. If you save, you can act normally on your turn.
If you fail, you can make another saving throw against the
effect at the end of your turn.
Level 24: You can also make a saving throw against the
dominated condition at the start of your turn.

Silver Sky Tabard level -’6 This rich blue coat carries a silver draBoll ’s head as a crest, and Brants you the unstoppable resilience ofa draBoll.
Item Slot: Waist 45,000 gp Property: You make saving throws against ongoing damage at the start of your turn as well as the end of your turn.


Nithhogr is a Dragonborn Warlord that has seen many battles and has been victorious in all. He is a strict follower in the ways of strategic combat. His leadership skills and inspiring words have always helped his clan raise flags over conquered lands.

He is a direct descendant of Fafnir, who started life as a human Giant. Fafnir killed his own father and stole his riches and hid away from mankind to guard his hoard, jealously. This greed and lack of human compassion slowly turned him into the dragon he is known for today. From this lineage Nithhogr was born into a family of thieves and beggars. This never set well with him as he never thought it was just to steal from people what he hasn’t earned. He credits his Athleticism, Strength and Courage to the god Kord . At the age of 8 he left his homeland to enlist and fight for clan of adventures that not only fought on the side of good but followed a moral code that seemed to be engrained into his heart. After 7 years of traveling with this Brood known in inner circles as the Relegation, he found himself in a major battle with a Beholder that left his clan thin and his weapons useless. Using his last ounce strength he lept from a high ridge, slammed his shield through the skull of the beholder and claimed victory for the town of Damanthium. This victory was short lived as Nithhogr was the only survivor left of the Relegation. His Flail in ruins he returns to town to rest and claim his reward. With a sense of purpose and valor Nithhogr set forth on a mission to find a new group of adventurers to team up with.

He meets up with a band of adventures in Winterhaven and immediately feels tied to them. While fighting to save the town from being overrun by kobolds, Nithhogr is challenged by Kord to destroy 30 enemies in 2 days to gain his favor. In accomplishing this feat Kord sends down flashes of lightning to destroy and guide the group on their way to battle the evil Kalerel. After this experience Nithhogr becomes deeply moved and becomes a devout follower of Kord and gains Paladin type abilities that aid in his battles. With his years of experience Nithhogr takes the lead and buffs his allies to do better in battle. Although he is not the leader of the group the clan looks to him for inspiring words and a sound battle plan. He will follow the rules of war and will not partake in any wrongful doing, he is quick to turn his back though so his less bound allies can get their fill of fun. Recently he has been growing displeased with the actions by his undead ally Viggo who is quickly making bad decisions that effect the strategies of battle. He used to be the holder of the phylactery that contained Viggo’s soul, but gave it to Thornblade when Viggo made him angry. His recent battle was with his Barbarian ally Enforceronimous. Nithhogr challenged him to a wrestling match but ended up in a fist fight when the Barbarian sucker Punched him. Thornblade and Canicus jumped in to the stop the fight before it got out of hand.


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