Thornblade is as lightining quick and as brutal as they come. He is adept at using cover, camouflauge and the shadows to flank his targets and flay them apart with his sword and dagger.


Wishlist: Gloaming Shroud, Gauntlets of Blood, Shadowdance Armor, Boots of Stealth, Bracers of Mighty Striking


Thornblade is a reformed criminal, a thief, who became an adventurer as penance for his seedy past. He sees himself as a good person, and does things for what he considers the “greater good” though he really rests in a morally gray area. In regard to his quest, he invokes the term “by any means necessary.” and will do whatever it takes to save innocents. And if that means a few good people have to die for the safety of a few thousand, that’s something with which he can live.

Little is known of his past and he is quick to evade inquiries. He recently revealed to Aukag that his past had caught up to him and an old associate, Bungo Shortfuse, had kidnapped and killed his father and brother in a deal made with Orcus (they both desired revenge against Thornblade). He made it there just in time to save Liz and his mother, and by the scar across Liz’s throat, it is easy to tell how close Bungo came to completing his ritual sacrifice to Orcus.

Thornblade went through a drinking spell and almost lost Liz as a result. He was burdened with the events of his past, and with the recent passing of his family as a result of those events. Strengthened by the companionship of his allies, he has sworn off the liquor and recommits himself to his martial training – and his beloved. He sharpens his blades to a keen edge, and polishes them in anticipation of the coming battles…


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