Orb of Communication

A single orb that sits in Valthrun's Tower


This orb has been attuned to communicate with an orb in the Tower of Saruun in Seven-Pillared Hall.


Viggo found this in the Arcane chamber of Paldemar. He saw a shadowy figure before the link to the other orb was lost. The Figure probably broke the other orb in an effort to conceal his location. Viggo thinks that this figure could have been Vecna but he isn’t entirely sure. However, if he could some how use it to trace it to it’s original enchanter he would hold valuable information over the Lord of Secrets.

Emil Cyrandhi describes the orb as follows:

“Well, whoever it was is probably a partner with Paldemar in this. Possibly even his master. The other orb was probably destroyed when he saw you to prevent you finding them. It can be rebound to another orb, and is worth quite a bit still. It would be worth more if it had a match but I can still give you about 600 gold coin for it. I can easily find a buyer. The nobles think of it as a cute novelty.”

Viggo: “Valthrun, apologies for interrupting your rituals but I have an immediate emergency with a very small window of time to work within. Can you use this Orb of Communication to open a line with the Mages of Sarrun in Thunderspire Mountain? We have little time for questions and I ask that you trust my urgency in this matter.”

Valthrun: Why viggo, if its that important I am sure I can help you. He takes a moment and opens a connection to the mages. You hear a voice (in the orb) “what is it you seek”

Orb of Communication

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