Viggo's Phylactery

The container that hold's Viggo's undead soul


The wearer of this phylactery gains 5 Resist Necrotic.

*The phylactery automatically converts any radiant damage Viggo does to necrotic damage.


This item was selected by Kalarel through influence from Orcus. Viggo despises that fact as well as the Raven Queen. The power of control has since fled Orcus and has divisively landed in the Raven Queen’s Grasp.

The bluish, half-transparent jewel glows from within. The ebb and flow of a dark energy pulsates through its crystalline structure. Within this energy lies the soul of Viggo Padraig. He has entrusted this with the other adventurers as a token of his gratitude for all they have done for both him and Winterhaven.

The Raven Queen has bestowed her blessing upon this one corrupt phylactery, freeing him from its controlling grasp and restoring his own will. Through it he channels her divine power. This is her gift, and he will repay her with his loyalty.

Viggo's Phylactery

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