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  • Shadowfell Keep

    !http://images.community.wizards.com/community.wizards.com/user/3clipse/shadowfell/bf03172eb72bab3f9eb9397017513a0e.jpg! Long ago, soldiers from Nerath built a strong fortress to protect the region from the threats to its people. The old keep lies in …

  • Kobold Hall

    Like Kalton Manor, the wreck now known locally as Kobold Hall was the estate of a minor lord who came to Nentir Vale to establish his own demesnes. Ruined during the Bloodspear War, the old castle has been abandoned for almost a century. Kobold tribes …

  • Raven Roost

    This small keep stands at the southern end of the Old Hills. Once it was the seat of a small manor, but it fell into ruin long ago and has recently been taken over by a gang of bandits.

  • Ruins of Fastormel

    !http://ladyn.tamriel-rebuilt.org/Morrowind%20Screenshots/Map2/Map2_W12.jpg! Once a prosperous town on the shores of Lake Nen, Fastormel was destroyed by the Bloodspear orcs and has never been resettled