Nornlyn is a small region northwest of the Nentir Vale. Once an untapped land, it was settled by several barbarian tribes and they established several villages loosely governed by a tribunal represented by a family head of each tribe. To avoid the eventualities of incest in a small population, intermarriage between tribes is common and often also used as political currency to quell tension between tribes.

There are several tribes who have established villages including the Stormclaw, the Toothgnashers and the Ravenbeak. There are several other bands of barbarians who have taken a nomadic life style.

The Stormclaw rule their village in a coup de gras with a now nomadic clan, the Blackday. Its greatest and last Lord, Amon Blackday was a fair and just Lord. Rathe Stormclaw was Amon Blackday’s right hand man and general of all Nornlyn armies. One day in the dead of night Stormclaw lead a revolt against the family Blackday and all were killed. Rathe Stormclaw hangs the standard of the Blackday in his dining hall as a reminder to all of his power.

The village has turned from a large farming community and pillar for justice into a blackened spot on the world as it is known. Forced labor and military service are just the begining as Rathe Stormclaw rules with an Iron Fist backed and covered in blood.


Nornlyn is a temperate to arctic region northwest of the Nentir Vale. Surrounding the area are several mountain ranges that create a very physical border for the region. This wall of rock shuts the tribes off from other civilization and allows them to grow in the solitude they enjoy without the trouble of normal politics.

Nornlyn is comprised of sprawling fjords and grassy highlands. Some of the lesser mountains host villages or small camps while most civilization in the region is spread out between the fjords and highlands. There are estimated to be about a dozen tribes in the region with only five or so having a permanent settlement. The others are shephards and nomads, living off the land respectfully.

The weather in Nornlyn is often cold, though the summer can see temperatures comparable to more temperate regions like the Nentir Vale and Pinewood Valley. Winters are harsh and bitterly cold. They are almost unsurvivable by the standards of normal civilization, hence why these barbarians who have rejected mainstream life have settled here. The tribes endure any adversity with pride, knowing that it will make them and, by proxy, the tribe stronger.


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