Current quests and tasks


- Investigate map leading to pyramid
- Rebuild and protect Winterhaven
- Reclaim the Blackday village in Nornlyn for the Blackday Clan


- Recruit allies to help in establishing order in the Nentir Vale
- Train Winterhaven’s guard to make them more battle proficient

Character interaction:

Enforceronimous has recently had his true lineage revealed to him. His allies gather strength in Nornlyn while the heroes rebuild Winterhaven and investigate the pyramid of shadows.

Thornblade has been seen skulking alone in the bar at night. Arguing has been heard from his cabin with Liz. He has recently revealed to Aukag the source of his troubles. An old associate of his, Bungo Shortfuse, was recruited into the cult of Orcus and ordered to kidnap and kill Thornblade’s family to seperate him from the group. He is still reluctant to give details about his past. Nithhogr was the only member of the team to witness him drinking from a flask while Enforceronimous’ life was in peril.

Nithhogr’s obsession with perfection has begun to keep him up at night. He still manages to train the Winterhaven Guard in tactics.

Viggo is losing his connection with his humanity. Teaching his brother the way of politics has thus far kept him rooted in this world. He is currently leading a construction team to build a massive auditorium for addressing the townspeople of Winterhaven and also entertaining them. He has also successfully recruited Fenrir as sergeant of the guard in exchange for room and board.

Canicus has been training the Winterhaven Guard to take up a bow and arrow. He spends his evenings caring for his new best friend, his pig. He recently acquired a wolf pup as well.

Aukag meditates in the town square after helping with construction during the day. Something seems to be weighing heavily on him lately. A cousin of his showed up at Winterhaven, revealing the crime he committed before leaving the tribe. While reluctant to leave Winterhaven in a time of need, he is departing to address the goliath tribunal and offer them his testimony. Ysamir has vowed to help him as much as he can.


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