Padraig Manor

The home of the Padraig family, inherited by Viggo Padraig upon the death of his father. It has been severely damaged structurally by fire and will require a complete rebuild. The heroes will be able to designate living quarters or create altars to their gods.

Winterhaven’s destiny

The heroes can already see the significance Winterhaven will play in the upcoming months and years in their battle to restore the Nentir Vale to prominence. How they rebuild and invest in the town will determine the fate of Winterhaven and even the Nentir Vale.

Reconstruction Efforts

To rebuild Winterhaven and the Padraig Manor, the heroes will need to acquire the following:

- A source of stone and lumber
- Train guards to defend Winterhaven
- Re-establish trade with other towns to spread word of Winterhaven’s growth

Heroes also may be able to recruit key NPCs around the Nentir Vale to help them and Winterhaven. Perhaps if they met a talented healer, or smithy, they may be able to recruit them to their cause.

The heroes will be able to invest into Winterhaven to increase the wealth and prestige of the town. In doing so, they will receive benefits such as discounted items, access to items of greater power or + to checks while within the city walls.


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