The Heroes of Nentir Vale

The Nentir Vale is a populated region in decline. It once hosted many noble families whose boroughs were supported by the heavy trade caravan traffic from the east moving to the west. Of the dozen or so city and trade settlements only Winterhaven, Fallcrest and Thunderspire remain relevant. In the past decade kobolds, orcs, goblins and other threats have moved back into the region as human settlements dwindle.

Now the situation in Nentir Vale has come to a boiling point. Orcs attack caravans, goblins harass villages and kobolds slowly encroach on human territory. An unlikely group of mercenaries band together, and find themselves to be the only hope to stabilize the region.

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Adventure Journals (in chronological order):

Keep on the Shadowfell
The Eagle Man
Adventure Journal, Thunderspire Part 1
Adventure Journal, Thunderspire Part 2

Campaign run time

September? 2009 -


D&D 4E


Essential Reading

Player’s Handbook 1 & 2 (Ask Travis to borrow his copy if you can’t get one yourself)


DnD Dice Roller
DnD Official Tools


RPTools Map Tool (Latest version)
DnD character builder (Ask Travis or Jake for PW)
CBLoader (For homebrew items)
4E Power Toolkit

The Heroes of Nentir Vale

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