A Tall Goliath Shaman


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ukag was never the typical Goliath. While others were thriving in competitions of physicality, he was more closely attached to nature than his brethren. He felt the roots that bound all living creatures to the soil, despite not fully understanding it at the time. As a young Goliath, Aukag was close to his grandfather, Chahual. His parents were traveling traders with the Dwarves to the north of his homeland and had grown accustom to their absence. During their trips he would spend hours listening to his grandfather’s tales of the spirits the world around him. He begged and begged his grandfather to show him the way of the spirit. Reluctantly, knowing that Aukag’s parents would disapprove, he showed him the old ways.
e was finally ready after weeks of preparation and meditation. Chahual’s teachings had awoken Aukag to a world beyond his own where spirits roam free and have a much more active role that most would think. His first attempt to channel his visions to the spirit realm was met with great exhilaration. Aukag was excited to see the spirit of a bear cub crossing his path merely feet in front of where he stood. The vision was fleeting but it had changed him forever.
ukag grew stronger in the ways of the spirit. He could never bring himself to reveal to his parents the true nature of his obsessions. They couldn’t understand why, on their few moments with the tribe, he spent his time in the hills isolated. Chahual urged Aukag to reveal to his parents the reasons behind his absences, lest they fear the worst from their son. Aukag was terrified because his father, Takiak, had always visioned him as a mighty warrior, not a nature loving spirit worshiper. Over the years the spirits became his support system, his world. He had vowed that on the next visit from his parents, he would confess his teachings.
hahual supported him through the whole ordeal. The looks on his parents faces were hard for Aukag to bare, but as he went on he realized he didn’t care. Who were they to him aside from biological connection. His true family was Chahual and the spirits he communed with. A confrontation with his father arose and Aukag argued furiously with his patriarch. Chahual tried to intervene between his son and grandson but the two younger Goliaths were too much for him to handle. Takiak’s rage boiled over and he drew his club against Aukag hoping to prove to his son that he had the warrior’s spirit within him after all. Chahual was still trying to break the two apart when he fell to the earth, clutching his weathered chest. Aukag shoved his father back and knelt down to his grandfather’s side. He heard his last words fade into the wind.
ukag rose up in a fury like a grizzly. A thousand moments flashed before his eyes. From the first bear cub, to the spirits of the rivers and the trees and earth, Chahual was there for each one. In his anger, he called to the spirits friends he had called upon before. Only this time he had other intentions. Beside him a spirit bear appeared and with only a thought he commanded it to attack his father. Before he fully realized what he had done, the bear swiped at Takiak and open his chest up wide nearly dropping the giant goliath. He tried to apologize and aid his father but it was too late. He was shunned from the village and now travels the lands with his companion spirit hoping to one day commune with his grandfather’s spirit and seek guidance.
  • Aukag is currently away at his village’s tribunal to answer for his crimes against his family.


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