Elf Ranger


Canicus is an Elf Ranger born of the High Forest. He is adorned with dark brown and green leathery armor and a red cloak. His deadliest weapon is a fiery longbow, which he yields with precision. He also carries a short sword and a scimitar for close combat. He is quick and agile, but not very strong, at 145 lbs. His height is average among elves – 5’8”, about that of a human. While he’s only 175 years old, just entering adulthood for an elf, his emotional maturity was honed years earlier due to tragic events in his life. He has long light-colored hair that shimmers red when under direct sunlight. His face is worn, unlike most elves, who typically keep their young features for life. Personality traits: quiet, stern, quick to react, wise, aware, mysterious.



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