Viggo Padraig

Something has gone wrong and Viggo's appearance has changed from a young man filled with vigor to a dark and mysterious shade of his former human self.


Viggo’s Gear Wish List

(If Viggo has acquired the equipment below he is only searching for how to increase the power of that weapon.)

  • Frozen Armor (acquired)
  • Throwing Shield
  • Frost Weapon (acquired)
  • Black Feather of the Raven Queen

Viggo’s History

Newest developments:

Viggo’s friends can see that his decent into his devotion for the Raven Queen has only strenghtened after the death of Viggo’s mother and brother. However, he isn’t so quick to take the life of just any person trying to avoid death. The life altering event of his mother and brother passing to the Shadowfell has noticably changed him. While his connection to humaninty fades, he understands now that he should only seek out those who corrupt birth, death, and rebirth. Viggo is content as long as those who are dead remain dead.

From the time the Heroes of Nentir Vale Arrived:

Viggo Padraig is the son of Lord Ernest Paidraig of Winterhaven. He was sent with two of his father’s trusted guards to check out the rumors of goblins hiding in the ruins of the keep to the north. This led Viggo and his party to find the secret plots of Kalarel. Kalarel had turned Viggo into a mindless Revenant abomination, and intended to offer a phylactery containing Viggo’s soul to Orcus as a sacrificial offering once he crossed the planes of the Shadowfell. Viggo comes to, saved from true death by the Raven Queen. She reveals to him that she has plans for him but nothing more. Viggo gives the pylactery containing his soul to the group as a token of his thanks for what they have done for him, and the Nentir Vale.

Upon returning all of the townsfolk could see that something was not right. Viggo has died but returned to life as a Revenant. He has an eerie appearance and is but a shade of his former human self. He has vowed to serve those that saved him by joining the Heroes of Winterhaven while attempting to find out why the Raven Queen has decided to give him a second chance in Undeath.

During an expedition into the Well of Demons Viggo was given a vision when he laid his hands upon a shiny silver key. His suspicions of Vecna plotting against his Goddess, the Raven Queen, were confirmed when he went to the local temple in the Seven Pillared Hall to pray. There the Raven Queen unveiled Viggo’s purpose in being brought back from death. Seeing his role in how the natural world was on the edge of balance brought him closer to his Queen. All doubts of being brought back to this world have been washed away. Viggo has decided he is ready to serve his Queen faithfully and unwavering.

After being away for many tendays in Thunderspire Mountian, Viggo’s father and the citizens of Winterhaven were left to the wrath of the Nentir Vale. Viggo found himself in the path of destruction as he returned. Many of the people he knew were dead including his father. This event has furthered his detachment from the natural world. Viggo’s resolve is bolstered and he gains strength where the death of his former self occurs. The more he is disconnected with the natural world the more he knows he is a tool. All that remains is Viggo’s brother whom is to take the mantle Lord of Winterhaven in Viggo’s absence while questing. Viggo knows that ultimately his destiny lies in becoming a Raven Knight.

Companions and Allies:

Viggo has banded together with many adventurers in his new undeath. The Warlord and self proclaimed leader of the party, Nitthogr, is tolerated only because of the debt he owes to his saviors. However, Nitthogr’s foresight into battle may have very well saved his life many times… Viggo appreciates Aukag and his spirit bear wearing a bear skin fur for blocking so many enemies paths so that Viggo’s battered armor may take a short lived break. Eforceronimous has earned Viggo’s respect by devastating all that lies before him. Viggo has given little thought to the mage Nim. It seems that every time there is trouble the little bastard disappears conjure up foul stenches that even Viggo’s undead nose can barely stand. The newest member to the party, Canicus, has proven to be quite valuable just as Viggo’s insight had foretold. Canicus has begun to collect a small herd of animals and Viggo finds this quite amusing. While he was there to rescue Viggo from the clutches of Orcus, Viggo finds Thornblade somewhat suspicious since his return with his family. Viggo and Thornblade do not see eye to eye especially when it comes to what The Raven Queen dictates Viggo’s priorities are.

Viggo Padraig

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