Statistical Info

Age: 28
Height: 4’11
Weight: 90 lbs
Deity: Sehanine
Location: ?


Thornblade is a reformed criminal, a thief, who became an adventurer as penance for his seedy past. He sees himself as a good person, and does things for what he considers the “greater good” though he really rests in a morally gray area. In regard to his quest, he invokes the term “by any means necessary.” and will do whatever it takes to save innocents. And if that means a few good people have to die for the safety of a few thousand, that’s something with which he can live.

Nothing is known of his past and he is quick to evade inquiries. The last time we saw Thornblade he left Winterhaven in a hurry after he received a coded message from a raven. The raven whispered into his ear a grim message. Perhaps that past has finally caught up to him and put his family in danger?

Notable Exploits

Stories circulate in the Nentir Vale of Thornblade’s brave exploits against a young dragon. It is said that he single-handedly pushed a dragon off of a cliff, landed on it in mid free fall and proceeded to stab and kill it with his own dick.

Thornblade rides a Dire Wolf mount he named Dick Wolf. He tamed the wolf during the heroes’ raid on Shadowfell Keep.


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